New place, new journey

Finally, the huge move is over. For three months, I spent basically living by myself — and it was so much harder than I thought it would be! Not because I was by myself, but because I suddenly had to ‘re-learn’ how to cook meals for one, find the motivation to shop for one, meal plan and stick to a menu. That was not very successful! I spent much of my time alone eating boxed or frozen foods and it really threw me off of my Weight Watchers plan.

I’ve been doing WW for a little less than 2 years, one and a half of those years by myself. The hubby joined in April because he wanted to drop a few pounds and I felt it was a great way to help ME stay on track with menu planning and portions. Doing the journey by myself the last few months made me realize I rely on others a little too much to do well for myself. I let everyone around me affect my choices or my mentality and I wish I could just be strong on my own. I’ve weighed the same since June and here we are going into the holidays. This move had a huge impact on us, but I think I did pretty good on the road. Didn’t eat that much, didn’t drink regular soda — but I know when I go to my new WW location tomorrow I will likely see a gain, simply because I didn’t track or measure my portions.

I have only been out of CA for 3.5 years, but moving to Denver really took me out of the swing of things. I didn’t think I was that removed from the number of people, the outrageous gas prices or just the cost of food, but I had some major reality checks this weekend after moving in. Long Beach is the largest city I’ve ever lived in, coming from a small city in the San Gabriel Valley and moving to a fairly slow suburb of Denver has nothing on this place and I was so overwhelmed! I went to the grocery store and paid $85 for about 1/2 the groceries I usually did in Denver, which means I didn’t buy much to get me through the week. Instead of going back and paying more money, I have been eating Doritos and granola bars for lunch and a small dinner in the evening and a protein shake in the morning.

Tomorrow, I hope to like my leader. I came from a great location in Denver and I really loved the leader there — she was full of energy and motivation, and it’s what I need to feel like I’m on track. It’s back to tracking, measuring and meal planning from now on — there was a great idea I read somewhere on Twitter — when I am planning my menu I will write portion sizes and PPV alongside the menu so it takes even more of the guesswork out of eating.