Now that I am under 200 pounds for the first time in years, I decided I would take my measurements because I plan to exercise — and don’t want to get upset if the scale isn’t reflecting the loss I am expecting. Fat loss reflected in my measurements and going down in dress sizes will be enough for me to see I am doing better!


Here are my measurements:

Thighs — 25.5
Hips — 40
Waist — 47
Bust — 47
Arms — 17
Calf — 17


Clearly, I have some work to do on the middle!


Back to Reality!

I got back from a short weekend getaway today — and while I had so much fun, I am ready to get back to healthy eating and starting my exercise. This weekend was actually pretty eye-opening because I didn’t understand WHY I gained weight so quickly, but now that I am more aware of point values thanks to Weight Watchers, it’s really no wonder why I gained 80 pounds since high school! One lunch could come to 50 points before I even realize it! That’s just scary.

I had some victories and not so good moments this weekend:


  • I pre-tracked what I knew I was going to eat. It helped me stay focused (like tracking a protein-style cheeseburger instead of the usual double-double and animal-style fries). I knew that if it was in my tracker, I would stick to it even if I felt like being “bad” and wanted to order my usual. I figured if I was ordering hungry, my rationale was out the window and I wanted to prevent that as much as possible.
  • I had a Dodger Dog and water at the baseball game, instead of the Dodger Dog, regular soda, nachos and ice cream sandwich. I didn’t really feel like I missed the other stuff because I make it at home when I grill up Dodger Dogs, and it’s soooo much cheaper — I felt okay not spending $50 on the extras. Give me a grilled Dodger Dog, and we’re good.

The things I didn’t do so well were the unplanned food outings — I went to North Woods Inn for my favorite lunch: cheesebread with house salad and red cabbage. It was so amazing, but it was a total point bomb. I never realized how many points are in things I ate without thinking of it. Really, it’s no wonder why I am overweight.

So, I didn’t end up doing as well as I wanted. With my points starting over on Friday, I blew through the daily points each day — and all 49 weeklies and THEN some by Sunday night. I’m currently at -55 weekly points. That’s horrible — but you know what, I’m happy that I at least tracked it. I don’t pretend it didn’t happen, I didn’t underestimate — if anything I overestimated just to be safe. I don’t think I can work off -55 weeklies in the next three days before weigh-in, so I am just going to accept it and move on.

Eating all this food made me realize a couple things: I ate way more than I ever should have, and in a way I am still ordering the way I would have 30 pounds ago. I can’t eat as much as I used to, so that is something I need to think about when ordering. Also, I feel gross on the inside — I felt healthier when I was eating my salads and drinking so much water each day — it’s amazing how much better I feel when I eat cleaner food.