3 Things I’m Thankful For

November is a month to give thanks and be grateful for what you have — and in times like this, when much of the news coverage is dedicated to those who lost everything because of Superstorm Sandy, it’s important to be grateful for everything and everyone in your life. I’m doing a similar challenge on Instagram, which is a photo challenge based on things you are grateful for — look up #Gratitude30 to join in on the fun!

Today’s topic for the National Health Blog Post Month is to list three things you’re grateful for. Here’s my list.

  • I’m grateful to have a full pantry and refrigerator, and to know when I will be able to make a shopping list. Just a couple years ago, I was eating ramen noodles until the cupboards were empty and my dear mother was sending what little she had left over to help us buy groceries. 2008-2009 was not good for many people, and even today some are still not much better off. It’s stuff like that that I used to take for granted — not anymore!
  • I’m grateful to have a job. As a freelance writer, I am constantly working to make sure I have enough clients to help pay the bills. Each month I am able to meet my goal — and after just graduating college in May, having a job is a blessing. I’m also grateful the hubby has an amazing job — it has really changed our life around for the best. I am grateful everyday I have a job, I know so many who don’t.
  • I’m grateful the hubby and I are healthy. There are so many news stories or things I read on the Internet where life can change in an instant. Read Taylor Morris‘ story and you’ll be grateful you just have arms and legs. When the hubby was in a car accident a couple summers ago, it really messed me up and scared me — but in the same breath I say thanks to God that all we lost was our car.

Each of these things I am grateful for are things that have touched me in the past. We struggled a little a few years ago — so I know what it’s like to barely scrape by. Now, each of these three items are things I am grateful for beyond much else because I know they can all be gone in a single instant.

What I Share on This Blog

I missed posting on this topic yesterday for the National Health Blog Post Month, but I want to stay on track so here it is. The topic was about what I choose to share/not share when it comes to my blog. There is only one catch to this — I share a lot to people who don’t know me. Only a few “real” people know about this blog, I don’t talk about it much with people I know because I want to keep it private from friends who don’t know the details of my weight or how I look without Spanx. I guess, to be honest, I am embarrassed with how I look.

I posted pictures when I just started this blog, but decided to take them down. I don’t have a great “after” picture to show off, so when I feel confident about how I look I will be more willing to show the “before”. Since we are being honest, I also tend not to blog when I get off track — though it would probably help me stay on track to blog, especially during harder times. Most of the time, when I am off track, I know why — and I feel like I don’t want to tell everyone else because if I still don’t get on track I have no one to blame but myself.

This blog challenge will help me change that. It will help me be more honest with myself and share everything — the good and bad!



Trying Something New


My health could really use one of these, but the thought of them really sounds unappetizing  — to the point I haven’t tried a green smoothie. I know they are really good for you and I’ve done my fair share of reading about them. I’ve even checked out a book with 200 recipes from the library.

But I never made them.

I don’t know what it is. I love salads, but the thought of blending up some leafy greens makes me want to gag. I know, people say you can’t even taste the greens — in fact, you’ll taste the delicious fruits or other ingredients instead. But still, I can’t bring myself to even try it. While thinking about what to write for the National Health Blog Post Month’s topic today, green smoothies was the first thing to pop into my mind. Instead of doing without the healthy drinks, I’ll just look for fruit juicing recipes and maybe try to incorporate greens when I feel ready. The silly part of me wishes I could find green smoothies recipes without the greens, but that’s like ordering a cheeseburger and asking them to hold the cheese.


Finding Inspiration in Quotes

This quote must have been written for me. If I could count the number of years I wanted to look great in my clothes, feel healthier and improve my confidence, it would have been about 10 years now. I am notorious for making goals — and I never end up seeing them through. In the past, it was always:

“I’ll start Monday.”

“I already ate this, so why not just keep going and start fresh next week. “

“If I exercise, I will gain weight on the scale and everyone will think I ate badly.”

“I need to be this weight by my birthday (or anniversary, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring, Summer…oh look, it’s almost Halloween!)”

It goes on and on. After I got out of the 200’s, I decided that enough is enough with setting  weight-numbered goals or pretending I can just wait and start fresh next week. Starting fresh starts now — and while I’ve had a few struggles this last month, I am done with setting unreasonable goals for myself. If I start now what I would put off until tomorrow, I wouldn’t be in the endless cycle of always wishing I was more fit or confident.

My Favorite Thing About Social Media

To continue on with my November goals to improve myself, I came across a 30 Day Blog Challenge for National Health Blog Post Month and decided to go for it — I always need a little help with my blog and this gives me a great start for being more active with non-work related writing.

Today’s topic is about social media and what my favorite thing about it is. I have always found the value in social media, specifically Twitter. News breaks faster on Twitter than it does on any news station, you interact with people from around the globe any minute of the day and it just brings people together. After seeing a friend create an alternate account for Twitter for weight loss and health purposes, I decided to do the same around this time last year.

For the past 18 months I have been doing Weight Watchers — I need to go to meetings for the support, from those going through the same struggles I am and  to seeing those who succeed to know I am on the right path. Unfortunately, one day a week meetings sometimes aren’t enough — and that’s where Twitter comes in. I’ve met some AMAZING people through Twitter, seen some of the most astounding transformations, compared interests and expanded my comfort zone in trying new things or being encouraged to do something I didn’t want to do before. Basically, I have support all day, every day.

I know that any weight loss journey needs to come from within, but the friends I’ve met through Twitter give me a boost when I need it the most!

November Goals

My Wednesday weigh-in had me down a pound, but still about 5 pounds from my lowest weight so I still have a way to go. At least the scale is going back in the right direction! It’s been really hard to get back on track, but I had a few light bulbs go off the past couple of days so I decided I was going to go back to what worked, which is to make foods that I can easily count the points or have the point values associated with the recipe. It’s been very hard to figure out points with the recipe builder because I have been using different items or portion amounts — and it was really making things difficult, and I don’t need any more roadblocks at this point.

Yesterday at the Weight Watcher meeting, hubby bought me a new cookbook as an “anniversary” gift for dating so long. I looked through the various books and found that the “Best Darn Food Ever” had the best recipes and the things I was most likely to make. I am really excited to try the recipes and will for sure be sharing them here as I go! Not only are there some great recipes, but many recipes use the same ingredients — which is great for my budget. I can’t wait to go through most of these recipes and alter the seafood recipes, if possible.




October has been a really hard month for me diet wise, between the move and trying to get back into a daily routine. My theme for November is going to be “Back to Basics”! It’s going to be about drinking water everyday, tracking my points and getting in activity each day. I’m going to have my new cookbo0k when planning each dinner and that will really help a lot! I would also like to start checking off my Healthy Guidelines again — all of these things were what got me to lose 30 pounds in the first place, it’s time to kick it up once again!