Meatless Meals for Lent

Photo: Ezra Pound Cake
Photo: Ezra Pound Cake

It’s that time again — Lent!

I feel like it was just Easter time and here we are the day before Ash Wednesday. Lent is something new for me — I’ve been going through the RCIA program at my local church and this will be the second Lenten season I go through — it’s much harder to abstain from meat than I thought.

For that reason, I needed to take some time to look for recipes that fit in with days I can’t eat meat (Friday) and find something else to make. I don’t care for fish too much, so it makes these special days a bit harder to meal plan. Here are some of the meatless meals for Lent that I plan on making throughout this next season.

Skinny Vegetarian Recipes from Skinnytaste — so many amazing recipes as usual for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Photo: Skinnytaste
Photo: Skinnytaste

Chile Cheese Casserole from Food Network

mealtless meals
Photo: Food Network

Sopa de Ajo (Garlic Soup) from Cooking Light

Photo: Cooking Light
Photo: Cooking Light

These are just some of the dishes I’ll be making for the next few weeks — what are some of your go-to meatless dishes?

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