Weekly Review — January 31st

Today is the end of the month, a chance to reflect how January went. I also turn 32 today, an age I once thought was ‘old’ but now that I’m here I still feel like I am in my 20s. I suppose I’ll always feel that way.

Anywho, January was pretty awesome in terms of my goals. I not only hit my goal of walking 100 miles this month, I kept it going and officially hit my second milestone, 120 miles.

End of the month

Finishing this goal proves to me that I can do it. I can complete things I set out to do and keep going. I’m the person that never put time into dedicating myself to going to the gym. This month, I went to the gym 30 times (31 when I count going this afternoon). While the scale has not budged, I have seen a substantial difference in the way my clothes fit.

I tracked every day on Weight Watchers and earned 137 activity points. There once was a time when I would earn 1 AP a WEEK if I was really making an effort. Now that my goals for January are over, I realized how important they were in keeping me motivated! I have new goals for February, which I will share below.

Fitness: I spent a lot of time on the treadmill this month, so I want to switch up my fitness routine in February to accommodate a balance of cardio and strength training. I am liking the Health and Fitness Calendar featured on Dashing Dish — Katie provides a layout of workout options for each week and then you go and grab any number of her workouts to plug in for your strength and cardio. I love her variety because there’s something for everyone, beginners to advanced.

Dashing Dish Fitness

You need to become a member of her website to gain access to these monthly plans, membership is $5 a month. Along with the membership you get exclusive recipes, workout plans, guides and videos that aren’t available to non-members. While the workout calendar is a part of the membership benefits, you can still go onto her website and check out her other fitness workouts and put the month together on your own.

Fashion/Beauty: Now that my walking goal is over, I decided to put February’s goal on something else I struggle with: drinking water. I know my skin and body could do well with a lot more water, so I created a challenge to drink 64 ounces of water every day. I’m going to take a ‘before’ picture of my face and see if there’s a difference by the end of the month after drinking at least 64 ounces a day. Want to join in? Find me on Instagram @bikinicountdown!

Bikini Countdown Water Challenge

What I’m Cooking

Since it’s my birthday weekend/Super Bowl, there are going to be lots of (tracked!) foods I plan to indulge in — steak, eggs Benedict, nachos and pizza (don’t forget the jello shots!) are just some of the things I know I am going to be using my weeklies and activity points for this week. The rest of the week will just be about using stuff up in my pantry!

What I’ve Favorited

Lots of things I saw this week I liked and you might be interested to check them out, too.

So there’s my week — and month — wrap up, can’t wait to see how February shapes up! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so we can stay in touch.

Interested in joining Weight Watchers? Use my referral link for a free gift! 



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