Fitbit FitForFood

I love my Fitbit Flex — it’s helped get me more active ever since I bought it back in October.

Fitbit FitForFood

Aside from doing myself good, I can now use my Fitbit to do good for others, too. Fitbit has created a new campaign called FitForFood — the premise of the challenge is very simple: burn calories and give them to someone else. I’ve often wished I could just transfer my calories to someone else, and now it’s possible — in a unique way!

Fitbit is teaming up with Feeding America in this awesome campaign — all we need to do is burn a collective 1 billion calories! Once the 1 billion calorie milestone is reached, Fitbit will give a donation to Feeding America that will help provide 1.5 million meals.

See FitForFood in action and sign up here — it officially kicks off February 3rd!

Interested in joining Weight Watchers? Use my referral link for a free gift! 

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