Big Flavor, Small Portion

I was over on Instagram the other day when I saw it:


Cooking Light
Cooking Light

Cooking Light used a hashtag that just clicked for me at that moment and put into words the kind of way I want to eat for the rest of my life.

On Weight Watchers, watching portion sizes is a huge aspect of the program — it’s something I try to keep in mind for each meal. Sometimes I’m successful and sometimes I’m not…it’s a work in progress! While looking for ideas during my meal planning, I often come across recipes that use many ‘healthy’ substitutes or artificial ingredients. More and more, I hear about fat-free and sugar-free products and when browsing them at the store, I see that the nutrition isn’t much better than the ‘regular’ product.

While there are some things I naturally just prefer lower fat — such as skim milk — I’m 100% behind the idea of using big flavors, just eating less of it! To me, this seems like a realistic approach to learning how to navigate food for the rest of my life. When I make food at home, I want it to taste good and look appetizing — that’s the only way I’m going to be successful in watching my portions and tracking what I eat. Therefore, I must confess something to you.

I choose regular bacon instead of turkey bacon. 

I choose an actual egg instead of egg substitute. 

I use regular or 2% milk cheese instead of fat-free. 

I cook with real butter instead of margarine. 

I use skim milk in my coffee instead of fat-free, non-dairy creamers. 

Everything in moderation! For me, #bigflavorsmallportions is a theory I know fits in my lifestyle and will keep me satisfied and on track. Luckily, with a program like Weight Watchers, I can do that. The Recipe Builder feature on eTools allows me to make adjustments as I go so I can see if an ingredient is truly worth skipping or modifying.

What ingredients do you choose to swap or skip?

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3 thoughts on “Big Flavor, Small Portion

  1. Love this post! I agree with you; there are some things that are worth eating less of in exchange for enjoying the full flavor. Like you, I don’t use fat-free cheese. Although I have to eat less, I go for the real deal! I do love turkey bacon, though. Have you tried the Columbus brand? It’s spendy but it is worth it! Also, if you just eat a slice a day, the package will last much longer!

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