Weekly Review — January 17

This week was a good one in terms of staying on track with Weight Watchers and getting my daily steps in to meet my #bikinicountdownchallenge over on Instagram — I made it my goal to walk 100 miles in January and as of today, I am at 69.43 miles walked and only 30.57 to go. I’m making it a daily goal to get in at least 3.25 and every day this month I have gone a good amount over that goal so I will definitely be exceeding the 100 mile mark come January 31st. Here’s how other parts of my week went.

Week of January 17th

Weight Watchers: I was pretty faithful to tracking about 98% of what I ate. An improvement over the week before, but there is still one thing I am letting slide through the tracks: Frostbites. These Italian ices are super delicious and come with soft serve — I used to get a large, but now I am satisfied with a small. I haven’t had any luck figuring out how many points a small serving is, perhaps I will try to do a little better with estimating and then get to tracking 100%. I was down only a pound this weekend, but I’ve been sore and not drinking enough water so not going to worry too much. I’ve definitely been earning the activity to accommodate a small Italian ice, so I think it’s just my metabolism taking more time to rev up.

Fitness: In my last review I was super proud of myself for earning 31 activity points on Weight Watchers, thanks in part to my #bikinicountdownchallenge. Well, let’s just say this week was even better! Check out how many points I earned this time around.

bikini countdown challenge

I’ve NEVER earned that many points in a week and going to strive for 40 activity points this week. According to Fitbit this week I walked 30.41 miles thanks to a trip to Disneyland, Lana Del Rey on Spotify and a gorgeous walk around Point Vicente Lighthouse in Palos Verdes.

By the way, since I spend a lot of time on my treadmill there’s only so much music I can listen to without zoning out. While zoning out is sometimes welcomed (hence the hour long Lana Del Rey sessions) I am always looking for new things to listen to and soak in so I make the most use of my time while exercising. Spotify has an amazing browse section — there’s a Word folder which has old radio shows (yes, I might have listened to an episode of Dragnet like a nerd), audiobooks, poetry and even language learning modules. I also listen to some podcasts — like today I tuned into Brandi Glanville Unfiltered for an hour and the time went by fairly quickly. Sometimes you just gotta listen to something fun that doesn’t require much thought.

Fashion/Beauty: As I might have mentioned before, my amazing husband is rewarding me with an awesome birthday gift/challenge prize at the end of this month. Just in case this gorgeous Fitbit band was sold out before I had a chance to get it later in the month, I went ahead and ordered the Tory Burch for Fitbit gold band and had it gift wrapped (hey, it’s free so why not?!). I’ll open it once my birthday rolls around and I can take a pretty picture of it. I seriously love my Fitbit and I can’t wait to wear it with this beautiful piece. I also found some other fitness-inspired jewelry and wrote about the designs I found.

What I’m Cooking

We went out to eat a little too much this week, but I made decent choices when ordering. In terms of cooking, I made some of the simple dishes I mentioned last week. I am currently trying to use of some of the food I have in the house now, but definitely have some new ideas I want to try:


What I’ve Favorited

I was a ‘favoriting’ machine this week all over social media — lots of goodies caught my eye! Check these things out:

That’s my week in review, can’t wait to see where this week takes me!

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