Weekly Review – January 10th

Last year I wasn’t too successful with staying on track with my blogging. I felt lost and really bored by what my blog was all about — if I feel bored by it, I can imagine my readers felt the same way.

As a result, I decided to take some of the focus off my weight loss journey specifically and open it up to other things that interested me regarding my existence — lifestyle, health and beauty. There’s more to me than the number on a scale and I wanted to reflect those other things I loved, too. I want to look and feel my best while living the best life possible — so I began incorporating them into my blog.

With a new focus in mind, I saw some things I liked on other blogs — such as The Daily Mel. Each week, Mel has a Weekly Rewind where she goes over her week and how she’s done in relation to goals or activities she wanted to complete, in addition to sharing anything she found interesting that week.

I love this idea and want to incorporate my own version! While today is Sunday, I plan on posting my Weekly Review on Saturdays going forward — it’s my WI day on Weight Watchers and it makes sense to go over what I’ve done or seen in the previous seven days. So, here we go!

Week of January 10th

Weight Watchers: I have been doing great so far this year with tracking everything mostly everything I eat. There is still some room for improvement, but after weeks of not tracking at all I am going to count my 90% tracking as a victory! That’s not to say I am not tracking meals or things like that — at this point, the only things I have not been tracking are the random chocolates I eat or my lattes. I’ll kick up my tracking efforts this week!

Fitness: This week, I earned 31 activity points thanks in part to my #bikinicountdownchallenge over on Instagram, where I am walking 100 miles in January. After nearly three years on Weight Watchers, this is the highest number of APs I’ve ever earned and I am very proud of myself. As of last night, I had just over 39.5 miles tracked — well on my way to completing my goal.

bikini body countdown

Organizing: After purchasing my Erin Condren Life Planner for 2015, one of my goals was to get more organized. I’ve been crossing lots of things off my to-do list and even made a couple additional purchases this week on her website to make life even easier: Snap-in Meal Planner and Wellness Journal. I basically got these for free using a coupon code I got with my Life Planner — if you want to get your own $10 discount, you can use my referral code. I’ll be posting a blog about these new additions as soon as I get them and use ’em!

Fashion/Beauty: Though I have only been consistently working out for 10 days, I have felt better in my clothes and have a renewed interest in making myself look more presentable when I go out in public. After browsing the selection of NYX goodies at Target, I decided it was time to make my second ever foray into Ulta to see what kind of selection they had. I was impressed and while I still have a loyalty to Sephora, I love that Ulta has all my drugstore goodies (plus, it’s down the street). I picked up some jumbo eye pencils, nail polishes and the NYX wonder pencil — which you can see from my personal Instagram page. I also took advantage of the sale on ActiveWear and clothing at Old Navy and scored some cute tops — like this one, which just happens to be one of my favorite photographs of ALL TIME.

What I’m Cooking

This has been a fun week! I hosted a giveaway with Flatout Flatbread and created a recipe for a Greek Wrap, which was super delicious and I hope others find it as refreshing as I did. Some other things I have planned this week are:

What I’ve Favorited 

I came across plenty of interesting things this week! I spend far too much time on social media, but it’s because I am always finding new things (at least that’s what I tell myself!).

There you have it — my first weekly review! Hope everyone had a great week of meeting goals and good luck for the upcoming week. If you want to follow me throughout the week, you can do so on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

Interested in joining Weight Watchers? Use my referral link for a free gift! 

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