Reading Challenge 2015

Exercise isn’t always about your body — your brain needs some fitness activities, too! In a world of writing and reading in 140 characters or scanning hundreds of articles or images in a short amount of time, my brain has completely become incapable of sitting down and focusing on a single book.

reading a book

I have absolutely no attention span anymore and it’s something I want to get back! There is quite a lengthy list of books I’ve started in the last couple of years, only to stop about half-way through and never finish. I started reading a short story the other day — only about 52 pages — and let me tell you, I feel like it is SO. HARD. to sit and concentrate.

My brain needs exercise as badly as my body! I came across the Reading Challenge 2015 on and thought it was a great starting point for getting back into reading and strengthening my comprehension and attention skills! I have created a page for it, which you can find on my home page — I’ll be adding to it throughout the year to see how far I get!


2 thoughts on “Reading Challenge 2015

  1. Funny you bring this up. I just bought an actual book, not an e-book, because I actually miss reading novels and using my imagination. I’m gonna read this entire book even if it kills me!!

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