Bikini Countdown Challenge — Walking

New Year’s Day is just around the corner — it’s time to get ready to kick some butt and start 2015 off right!

bikini countdown challenge

I have created the #bikinicountdownchallenge on Instagram (follow me: BikiniCountdown) and it will kick off January 1st and end on January 31st! My birthday is the last day of January, so what better way to gift myself than by completing a challenge and feeling healthier?

I want to make it challenging, but attainable, for everyone so I have created two options to suit your fitness goals/needs. First, you can do 100 miles total throughout the month — that means racking up miles on the treadmill, hiking trails, bikes or even elliptical machines — it’s your call!

The second option is to commit to exercising for an hour a day — a yoga class at the gym, walking with friends throughout the neighborhood, or throwing on some Spotify and hitting the gym solo. Whatever activity you want to do for an hour counts toward the #bikinicountdownchallenge!

Use the hashtag on Instagram to follow along and let the rest of us see your progress!

So, who’s going to join me in creating some healthier habits in January? I hope you’ll join me — I need the motivation and support as much as the next person!

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