Getting Organized

We are just over a week away from the new year — another year where I didn’t quite meet the goals I set for myself this time last year. It’s not that the goals I set were unrealistic or way too ambitious. It’s that I didn’t dedicate the effort necessary to achieve those goals.

I didn’t make the time. I was unorganized and didn’t create the time needed to exercise or ensure that my food planning was ready to go for the week. In fact, being unorganized is a huge roadblock for me in a variety of ways — I could be doing better with business, I could be saving more money, I could be educating myself through reading or learning new things. Instead, I waste a lot of time.

Since moving out at 20 years old, I’ve never given myself the discipline to do the things I ought to do — instead, doing what I wanted to do at that moment. This has carried through the last 10 years of my life and it’s now starting to stifle my growth in ways that I can’t afford — I want to be healthy and successful, so it’s time to get organized and meet my goals.

I am setting myself up for 2015 by getting organized. I work for myself, which means I don’t have set hours or obligations — that’s about the change. I need to dedicate time every day to exercise, learn, grow and reach a better version of myself. My dear, crafty friend Alex told me about these Erin Condren life planners that allow you to organize anything you need — menu planning, morning-day-night activities, calender, exercise, budget — you name it, you can use these life planners to stay organized.

I purchased my planner and found one that I really loved — it has a quote on it that just reinforces what I need to do on a daily basis: ‘Believe You Can and You Will.’ Check out how it looks in action!

The thing that sets this life planner apart from ones you could find elsewhere is that I wanted something that encompassed my entire daily life — work, fitness and pleasure — and gave me plenty of space to write in projects, gym routines, weekly menus and much more. I am very excited to get it in the mail and start filling it out. If you love to personalize your planners or other organizers, the Erin Condren life planner is perfect for that and there are many vendors on Etsy who offer accessories and goodies for personalization!

If you want to order your own life planner for 2015, feel free to use my referral link and receive $10 off your order! 


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