Weight Watchers Chat –24/7 Support

Have you been on the Weight Watchers page lately? There’s an exciting new addition, which they have been hinting at for a while and now it’s here: Weight Watchers 24/7 Expert Chat.

Weight Watchers Expert Chat


As you can see, there are various chat rooms to visit and talk to a Weight Watchers expert regarding common topics, such as:

  • Getting started
  • Finding motivation
  • Getting back on track
  • General questions

I decided to give it a try to see how it worked, so I entered into the ‘Get Back on Track’ room. I had been hearing of some glitches taking place with other members, but I had no trouble at all connecting and in under a minute, I was talking to ‘Nancy’ — she wrote that she has been ‘helping members on their Weight Watchers journey for 6 years.’

My main point for trying out the chat was I wanted to see how the interaction went. I was pleasantly surprised! Since I was in the room dedicated to getting back on track, I told her about my struggles regarding tracking for a week or so and then losing motivation.

The experience was like stopping in a meeting for a quick kick in the butt — you also have the option of saving the chat transcript for future reference. I saved it and you can see it here to get an idea of my experience talking with Nancy: Weight Watchers Chat.

Overall, I think this new addition is awesome — especially for an online member like myself who can sometimes feel a little lacking with support at any given time.

Has anyone else tried the Weight Watchers 24/7 Expert Chat? What are your thoughts?

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