2014 Fitness Gift Guide

Black Friday has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the holiday shopping rush is over — far from it! Do you have a hard time finding the perfect gifts for the favorite people in your life? This fitness gift guide features some of my current faves (and some things that are on my wish list!) — check out these ideas and add them to your shopping list!

Fitness Gift Guide


1. Fun Gear — I don’t have a ton of selection when it comes to dressing up and going to the gym. This fun fitness Trifecta tank top from Rokfit is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement during fitness events or completing a workout at the gym. And honestly, who doesn’t love coffee and bacon?

2. Cookbooks — Cooking the same thing over and over gets boring, so how do you mix it up in the kitchen while staying healthy? You buy Skinnytaste by Gina Homolka! So many delicious recipes that are light on calories and Weight Watchers points without lacking in flavor.

3. Kitchen Gadgets — After the holidays, everyone’s going to be eating much healthier and lighter, so it makes perfect sense to gift kitchen gadgets — such as the Willams Sonoma Chef’n Salad Dressing Emulsifier. Making dressing from scratch is simple and tastes infinitely better than the bottled stuff. Plus, it’s the perfect healthy holiday gift that will be used all year long!

4. Gourmet Tea — For those of us watching our weight, tea is a tasty drink that keeps us hydrated and is low in calories/WW points. Instead of the typical tea varieties at the grocery store, gift that special someone with a gourmet blend! Teavana has so many options — Wild Orange Wulong Oolong Tea sounds amazing. This is a gift essential for those who love loose-leaf tea drinks!

5. Activity Monitor — There are so many activity monitors out there, it could be hard to choose the right one to gift a friend or family member. Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness gadgets, and quite frankly, I am so in love with it I think everyone else should have one, too. The Fitbit Flex (as well as the Charge, One and Zip) boosts motivation and gets people moving!

So there you have it — my fitness gift guide, which features five great ideas for friends and family of any fitness level! (As a side note, I am not being paid by any of these brands to write about them. I either already love it, want to buy it for myself, or adding it to my own shopping list to hand out as gifts!)

Want to give the gift of Weight Watchers this holiday season? Sign up here using my referral link and receive a free subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine!



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