Skinny Snowman Challenge

Are you still in a food coma from Thanksgiving? Don’t want to pack on the pounds before Christmas? Get through the holidays on track and staying in shape with the Skinny Snowman Challenge hosted by Brooke: Not on a Diet!

Skinny Snowman Challenge

I’ve done the Skinny Snowman Challenge and can say that it kept me on track and motivated to make good choices all through the holiday season. If you want to sign up, hurry up — it starts November 30th and runs through January 3rd! This year, there is a $5 entry fee, which makes perfect sense given all the work Brooke does to keep the challenge running, PLUS you get access to a Meatless ecookbook to enjoy on those Meatless Mondays and the point print outs needed to keep track of your score.

Here’s how it works, which you’ll also find explained on Brooke’s page:

You will purchase access to the challenge (only $5) which has a chart filled with daily & weekly challenges. As you complete this challenges, you earn points! At the end of the week, you send in your weekly points total and will be entered to win the weekly prize. At the end of the 5 weeks, the top 3 people will win one of the grand prizes!

Weekly prizes and grand prizes are going to be handed out — so it gives you even more motivation to earn as many points as possible. Be sure to head over to Brooke: Not on a Diet to sign up so you get started in time!



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