I’m Back

Hey everyone.

It’s been a few months since I posted anything on this blog. I needed to step away for a bit — was having a bit of an identity crisis with how I wanted this blog to work.

I think I am ready to come back and blog once again. It’s not going to be so much ‘journaling’ as it is going to be me sharing interesting things I find regarding healthy living, recipes I make and anything else I feel like sharing. Going to keep it simple and see where it goes from there!

I’ll be writing another blog post this week catching everyone up on what I’ve been doing in the four months since my last post. One thing has remained constant — I am still on Weight Watchers. Even when I’ve gotten off track, I am still thinking about the program. Right now there is an amazing promotion going on with Weight Watchers regarding the new ActiveLink 2.0, which I will be sharing this week as well.

Needless to say, if you want to join Weight Watchers to stay on track over the holidays, now is the time to do it! You can sign up here and be on your way to making this a healthy holiday season!


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