Finding momentum

I’m such a bad blogger — it’s been months since I even came here to put up a post. Sorry about that, I am hoping that my schedule of posts will help me stay more on track.

Another reason why I haven’t been too enthusiastic about writing is that there really hasn’t been anything worth sharing. I have been trying to get on the wagon now for a good while and it’s taking me more time than I wanted. I’ll do everything I need to do for a few days and then slowly stop doing it — before I know it, it’s two weeks of not tracking at all. Recently, I decided that I need to just track my points again. Just do it. So, I started tracking, getting back into the swing of drinking my water and even hitting the gym to finally try out some group classes. Here’s the result:



Four losses in a row. Huh, that’s shocking.

So having the losses have been prompting me to keep going — keep tracking, making better choices and giving me a boost to visit the gym.

In case you haven’t seen me posting about it on Twitter, I made a Facebook page — you can find it here: Bikini Body Countdown. Come join me and we can support each other!

If you’re not on Weight Watchers and want to give it a try, use my referral code to sign up for online or meetings, you’ll get a subscription to the Weight Watchers Magazine (which I love and has tons of great recipes, tips and success stories). I’ll get a free month of membership, and I love things that are free! Click that link below and sign up — summer’s almost over but you have plenty of time to make a difference by the end of the year.


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