Day 8: Help me, please

Yesterday hubby and I decided to go spend the afternoon at California Adventure and I decided stepping away from the computer for the day would be great for me!

The topic for the 100 Days of Weight Loss was Help me, please — all about how to use the support (or lack thereof) around you.

I’ve never hid the fact to friends and family that I am on Weight Watchers, but it’s not something I go out of my way to share to many people. For the women in my life, especially now that we are all the same age and many have recently had kids, being on Weight Watchers is something we are all doing at the same time — which can be a good thing, but also opens the door to (unintentional) judgement.

I say this because some days I am really on point with my tracking and activity, but other days I want to be a little more relaxed and indulge with my weeklies for a party or event. However, after people find out about me being on Weight Watchers, I tend to still feel eyes on me and my plate. It makes me a bit more self-conscious with what I add to my plate or if I’m being as “good” as my friend who is also on program. Of course, now that we are in the new year more people than ever are engaging in weight loss programs — my group of friends included!

The topic of the chapter is this: in order to get the support you WANT, you need to understand what type of support you NEED.

My hubby is supportive of me, but I have not been entirely fair to him when it comes to asking for help. Sometimes I ask him to say something when I am ordering food I know I will regret eating or give me that extra push to go to the gym — but when he does it, I get annoyed because I don’t want to hear it at that moment. That’s not fair to him at all! I need to get down to the core of what I need in terms of support before I can even ask him for that extra push now and then.

He’s also really good about accommodating what I need or don’t need in the house. If it’s here he will eat it, if it’s not then he doesn’t miss it. So right now, I think I just need to focus on looking within for support — it’s much easier when it’s just the two of us…so that’s definitely an advantage!

What are some things you want people to say or not say to you on your weight loss journey?


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