Day 6: Protect your program

Today’s topic in the 100 Days of Weight Loss is a good one for me to read — it’s called protect your program.

We’re all on a weight loss journey, whether that means through Weight Watchers, counting calories through My Fitness Pal, trying out the Whole30 or whatever else is out there, and while we are all supportive of one another, it says in the book that ‘no one will ever care as much about your diet plan as you.’

It’s true, right? I am supportive of my friends and wish them only the best in their weight loss journey — this crap is hard! But will I care more about the program they are on than my own? No. I need to be a supportive friend, but worry about my own journey — and this is a great topic because it’s something I let affect me. I also need to remember that even if it works for you, I can’t expect the same results!

When the hubby stops tracking points — I stop, too. 

When friends fall off track — I let myself fall off track, too. 

When family tells me to try this or eat that, ‘it won’t hurt to have it this one time’ — I do that, too — and it never really is just that one time. 

I’m not placing the blame of my weight woes on everyone else — I just don’t stay strong and focus on what I need to do. I am too willing to allow the behavior of others to become an excuse for my lazy habits.

Even though I don’t have very many food pushers in my life, and for the most part I am good about saying no, I have to realize that my weight loss journey is mine and mine alone. I can’t run my success based on anyone else — it has to depend solely on me and what other people choose to do or not do is on them.

The term ‘protecting your program’ also means setting yourself up for success when you know you might slip. For me, that means I need to have a menu planned out when the hubby is home; otherwise, I am inclined to want to go out to eat.

Things I need to do to protect my program is:

  • Focus on what I need to do and spend less time worrying about what everyone else is doing
  • Stock the pantry with WW-friendly foods
  • Allot extra points if I am going to an outing or want to indulge 

Protecting your program is also about protecting yourself from outside influences. I notice this with hubby a bit — if I nag him to track his food, he is less inclined to do so and then I spend more time bugging him about his tracking than just tracking my own food. However, recently I just started to track on my own — without getting involved with his WW obligations. Within a couple days, he was back to tracking and interested in the point values of foods I was making…and all that nagging was pointless and just made it bothersome for me.

I am just going to do me. I want to lead by example — after all, if you want to lose weight it has to come from within.

How do you protect yourself from outside influences? 


3 thoughts on “Day 6: Protect your program

  1. I love this post! Doing you is really all you can do. You are spot on when you say that it is easy to let the habits and choices others make influence us but we really have to stop that, be strong and make the decisions that our best only for ourselves. For me, this became easier the more I did it. So, when the day came that my friend whom convinced me to join WW left the program I was able to continue on doing what was best for me even though there were times I really didn’t want to go it alone. The reality is we are always alone in this, even with friends and family by our sides, the only person that can control our outcome is us.Once I became accountable to me I was able to make real, lasting changes. I know you will too!

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