Day 3: Do It Anyway

I have heard that saying ‘summer bodies are made in the winter’ or something like that and it is exactly what my motivation is right now. Last year I moved to Long Beach and I was so excited to go to the beach and feel freedom to wear a bathing suit without feeling embarrassed. While the scale didn’t say then what it says now, I still had to shop in Forever 21’s plus size section for a one-piece. A one-piece is okay — in fact, my body might not even look good in a bikini even after I lose all the weight, but I still had to shop around the limited selection of one-piece suits.

This year, I am determined to feel better and confident in my bathing suit! I found this great image while browsing around and it fits my goals perfectly.


It also fits today’s post in my 100 Days of Weight Loss — Do it Anyway!

I am completely an I don’t feel like it person. I don’t feel like getting up early to go to the gym, I don’t feel like choosing something healthy over chips or cookies, I don’t feel like tracking what I just ate and I don’t feel like cooking that meal I planned for today (let’s go out to eat instead!). I don’t feel like it and now I weigh almost what I did when I started Weight Watchers in 2011.

When I don’t feel like doing something, I become only interested in the idea of losing weight — not committed, as I read in yesterday’s Day 2: Interested or Committed? entry. Today’s topic is about doing it anyway — whether I feel like it or not! There are a lot of other things I don’t feel like doing sometimes, like working on projects, running errands or paying bills. But I do them because I have to — so I need to look at my health and weight in the same manner.

Doing something regardless of how I feel at the time will bring me one step closer to my goals and make it easier to do the next time I don’t feel like doing it. I don’t want to be just interested in the idea of losing weight — I want to actually be committed to losing it.

Have you done something lately that you didn’t feel like doing? 


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