Day 1: I used to be that way…

For 100 days, I will be using this blog as a journal while reading 100 Days of Weight Loss, which I mentioned in my previous post. I spent most of yesterday away from the computer, but still read the two pages required for the day. The topic of the day is:

I used to be that way…

We all have past experiences about what we’ve tried (and perhaps failed), but the point is to acknowledge what happened, move on and make the future different. Saying, I used to be that way…but now I’m different!

For example, in my early days of being on Weight Watchers, I used to track all day and stay on point. Then I would raid the cabinets at night and neglect to add those extra points to my tracker. What did this accomplish? I have no one to answer to but myself, so the only person I let down when I don’t continue to track is myself. Not to mention, we have 49 extra points each week to use!

Now, I’m different. I track even when I go into the negative weeklies. It’s not pretty. I count down the days until my weigh-in so I can re-set that number, but I am honest with myself and not “hiding” anymore.

The activity for the day requires creating a list that have made me unsuccessful in the past with weight loss, and what I will do now to make a positive outcome. Some that I can think of include:

I used to give up for the entire day after one bad meal, but now I will get back on track with the next meal. 

I used to find excuses not to go to the gym, but now I will select classes to try out to keep exercise fun. 

I used to go to the grocery store without a plan, but now I will set myself up for success by meal planning and choosing healthy ingredients. 

What are some of the behaviors you’ve experienced and how do you plan to improve for next time?


4 thoughts on “Day 1: I used to be that way…

  1. Sounds like a great book!! I, like you, have had this habit of tracking all day and then “forgetting” after dinner. I just kept lying to myself about what I was doing and it obviously didn’t help me. I’m just really commited to working the program this time around. Taking it easy and one day, or one meal, at a time. 🙂

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