Finding Something That Works

I haven’t been able to sit down and blog in a few weeks — been so busy with bridal shows and going to Colorado! The scale showed a small drop this week, but I wasn’t expecting much as I always fluctuate when I fly and feel puffy.

Last week, hubby and I went to Colorado to spend some time away. Usually, at least for the past two years, we have gone to New York City to be there on 9/11, but this year the money was just not where I wanted it to be and did not feel comfortable using money out of savings to fund the expensive, three day trip. Instead, we went to visit family in Colorado and go up to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park and then hang out in Colorado Springs.

First off, to say we dodged a bullet is an understatement. When we arrived in Colorado on Tuesday it was raining and continued to do so the entire time we were in Estes Park. The next day, we drove all the way to Colorado Springs in the rain. When we turned on the news Thursday, we could not believe what was happening in the city we had just left 24 hours before. Massive flooding, road and bridge collapses, death and rock slides. The same roads we drove over the day before were now under large amounts of water and cars falling into rushing rivers below as roads gave out.  We were so thankful we weren’t on the road — I can’t even imagine what would have happened if we were winding down the mountain through Lyons and into Boulder and we had been just a few hours late.

Our time at the Stanley was nice and we had great accommodations to enjoy the gloomy weather (though now it’s sad!). There is a resident psychic/life adviser of the hotel, Madame Vera, who I visited the last time we were there — so many people had such great things to say about her and that she was able to say things that were freakishly accurate (I know of at least 4 people personally!) that I decided last time to check it out for myself. Aside from some interesting things, she had told me hubby was not going to be unemployed when I voiced my concern for his looming job loss at the time. Turns out, hubby never had a period of unemployment between Frontier Airlines and his new(ish) job at Gavina (which getting this job is a miracle in itself if I told you the backstory)… Anyway, it’s pointless to try and explain it — you just have to see her!

This time, I wanted to ask her what she saw in terms of my weight loss.  Did she see success in my future? I take what she says with a grain of salt, but I wondered why I just couldn’t freakin’ DO IT. Why I couldn’t just stop eating crap, track and go to the gym. I say I want to lose weight, but I don’t try lose weight — so does that mean I don’t want to lose weight?

I told her how much I spent going out to eat and about Weight Watchers, but my weight just was not enough to give me that push I needed to get back on the wagon. She told me to look at it in a different way — a spending diet. Money is important to me and I am going through it too fast, which in turn prevents me from doing other things I like to do. I thought about what she said. I care more about money than I do about my health at this point — so going on a spending diet is a great solution because it helps in various areas of my life. Stress, savings and even losing weight are all tied into money for me!

Aside from a few interesting things she saw for my future, I came away with a good sense of direction. I knew putting the focus on weight loss was not enough, but I just could not find the thing that would propel me. After coming home last Friday, we have not gone out to eat. The temptation is just not there! I have been making good food at the house and stocking up on things that will help me be successful without going out to eat.

I know that eating at home forever is not possible, but when I do go out, I am sticking to lean protein and veggies. Going out to eat is a huge thing for me — I’ve been probably doing it at least 4-5 times a week for the last decade! Going this long without fast food is empowering and I love seeing my bank account stay the same.

My next challenge is to start tracking again. I didn’t want to do too many things at once. I felt like eating at home was a good goal to have and now that I did a week of it, tracking is the next step. Then a regular gym routine…baby steps!

Some delicious things I’ve made at home this week are:

Green Chili Burgers — Used leanest beef and no bun

Chicken Picatta — Craved this after seeing it on Trisha Yearwood’s cooking show

Frozen Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie — I need to have something yummy in the house — so Dashing Dish to the rescue! So yummy.


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