Monday Weigh-In

I weighed in at the meeting today since I still have a couple more weeks until the billing switches over to online — last week I did not go to the meeting , but input what I weighed so at least I had a record.


From last week, I am down 4.6 — though most of that gain was because I had salty food the day before and little water. It doesn’t matter what I gained or lost, I need to drop 14 pounds to get back out the 200’s.

As you can see, I’ve skipped going to meetings more in the last few months than I have on this 2+ year journey. It was a real turning point to deciding to go online. A few months ago, I asked the receptionist to start me in a new weight loss tracker, but she understood that as starting my numbers over completely — which is why my ‘starting’ weight is 205.4. I guess in a way it’s a good thing that happened, because now I feel like I am starting over in my journey.


Since Monday is a new weigh in day for me at the meetings these next couple of weeks, I met a new receptionist weighing me in today — have you ever wished some of these women would lead the meeting? There have been a couple times now where I connect with these ladies in the 5 minutes I am at the scale more than going to meetings with certain leaders for weeks.

The woman today was so refreshing. I was telling her how I lost 30 pounds last spring and then I got complacent. I acted like I became an expert at Weight Watchers and started to do things little by little that I knew I shouldn’t have — she said she knew exactly how that was and that she needed to always switch it up because we tend to get bored and then we start to slip. I guess that’s what happened to me. I got bored. One day of not tracking turned into two, then two turned into five and then I wasn’t tracking all week.

This week I have just started back on tracking daily. It’s amazing how simple it could be to “start tracking” but be so hard to actually follow through. I remind myself when I am finished eating to track it — if I get up and put my dishes away and get on with the day, I forget. I used up my weeklies on stuff that probably wasn’t the best, but oh well. I just wanted to get back into the routine of tracking.

I made an effort to start drinking water again. I started super slow — told myself I needed to get in at least 8 ounces of water each day. Since that’s only a cup of water, I felt good about meeting my goal. Then the next day I bumped it up and drank a liter of water. The next day I drank two liters. I will just focus on getting in two liters of water for now — then slowly incorporate more as I go.

I am tired of going 0 to 60 and then failing! Slow and steady is my motto from now on. I have a couple blog posts already in mind for this week, so keep an eye out for them!

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