The last few months have been really rough for me emotionally. Nothing “bad” has happened, I just find myself in a funk for some reason. It’s a little bit missing Colorado during the summer (I adore thunderstorms!), hubby losing an awesome job and then being hired with his old company, which is a good option compared to many jobs (thank God!), and finally, losing control of my weight loss journey.

We decided in early August that the best thing for us was to switch to Weight Watchers online. It’s a scary move for me. I’ve always been a huge advocate for meetings — I loved the support, my leader, being proud of myself for the weekly losses I had, hearing about great ideas from other members. Then I moved. I wanted to love my new location as much as the one in Colorado. We tried meetings most days of the week at a few different times and we just could not click with a leader or group. As a 30 year old, going into a weekday meeting means one of two things — it’s probably pretty sparse with attendance or there are the 60+ crowd. The leaders did not have control over the meeting and as a result, I was bored. Then I would do things I never did back in Denver. I skipped two weeks at a time, went to weigh in and leave, then skip the next week’s meeting.

Since I no longer cared about stepping on the scale at the meeting, I stopped caring what I ate. I stopped tracking. Who would see the bad choices I made? No one would “see” the damage from the double-double I ate the night before weigh-in. Except someone did — me. I would step on the scale the next morning in my bathroom and be mad at myself for getting further and further away from 200 though I swore I would never be that way again.

So, moving to online is a scary step because I am accountable only to myself. Since I am a pay-monthly member, I need to wait until September 3rd to officially switch to online. I need to re-pay the registration fee (grr!) and start from scratch — but I think it will be a good thing. I know I have the support around me and in an effort to keep up with my progress I have decided to make my new weigh-in days on Monday morning at 9:30 here at home. I will weigh in, blog about my week and share a picture of my scale with all of you. I will read my online weekly and success stories from the Weight Watchers website and make my own “meeting”.  Also, reading my past blogs will give me a lot of insight to what I was doing and thinking when I had weekly losses. Yet again, I need to lose the same 15 pounds I’ve lost many times before — but it is what it is, time to do something about it.

Have any of you switched from meeting to online? How did it go? 


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