Making the Move

We left our beloved Weight Watchers meeting in Colorado back in October and ever since then we have struggled finding a leader or meeting that we truly like and look forward to each week. Throughout my last few posts, I have talked about not having motivation or excitement anymore on Weight Watchers — I know that a good part of my gains have been slipping back into old habits with dining out. But a lot has to do with not looking forward to going to my meetings and after talking with hubby last night, I finally admitted it.

I don’t want to quit Weight Watchers — I love the program, I know it works and I don’t want to quit because I am struggling. That’s when I need my program the most. The issue for me was I no longer had that excitement to go to the meetings and I wanted so badly to pick up where I left off after moving from Colorado. With my two previous leaders, I looked forward to my meeting all week. I learned about myself, about Weight Watchers and I came away from each meeting confident and motivated to make it through another week so I could show off my results on the scale.

Now, I don’t even look forward to going to meetings. Since hubby and I share a car for the time being, we are limited to Monday and Wednesday meetings, but with his changing work schedule we have tried Monday thru Friday at some point since being here in Long Beach. None of the leaders clicked for me and the members honestly annoy me for the most part. Either they are 60+ years old and use the meeting as their social time and talk throughout the entire meeting or you have the know-it-all who seems to have all the answers, but can’t seem to implement them in their own life. Leaders don’t keep topics on track, there are multiple conversations going on throughout the room and the leaders don’t try to simmer them down — overall, I spend most of my time looking at the clock to see when it’s time to leave.

These factors cause me to skip one or two meetings in a row, go in just to weigh and leave or just not care and see gain after gain on the scale. Last night, I needed advice from the hubby and we had a great talk. First, comparing my motivation from Colorado to what I have now, it’s no wonder why I feel bad each week. In Colorado, I was doing great and the losses each week boosted my motivation for the following week. Now, I dread going to meetings to face the gain, which only drags me into the cycle of not tracking or finding the excitement in the program. Combine that with the issue I am having with meetings and I was seriously contemplating quitting Weight Watchers.

Instead, hubby suggested we do online. We have access to our eTools, we know how the program works, we have our favorite Weight Watchers leader on Facebook, so she can be a virtual leader for us. I have many inspiring and amazing people in my Twitter family, so I have support around me at all times. I have always been a little worried about my success going it alone on the online route — but right now, I actually think it’s the best thing for me. That feeling of dread is gone when I think about Weight Watchers, I am actually feeling better and more positive about my journey and I have been really searching for that renewed sense of purpose when it comes to my weight loss.


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