Water, water, water

Water is definitely one of those things I get into the mood with, or I can go days without getting any at all. Last summer, I was getting in a gallon a day — but once I stop, it seems ten times harder to get back into that amount. Lately, I have been drinking too much diet soda. I am not ready to give it up yet, so reading things telling me how bad it is for me just doesn’t matter. I love my Diet Dr. Pepper and Coke Zero and honestly, I am probably not going to be going soda free anytime soon.

What I do need to stop is drinking 2-3 cans of diet soda a day and getting more water in because I do know it cleanses and has obvious health benefits. I am an all-or-nothing kinda girl — it’s something I really need to work on. I attempt to go from no water at all to 100 ounces a day, fail at meeting that goal, and then give up. It’s that way with everything I do and it’s the reason I’ve packed on 90 pounds to my frame.

I came across this great entry today on Facebook, by It Sux to Be Fat, Β called ‘Make Small Changes.’ This week’s Weight Watchers weekly was about the small changes adding up and as I sat in the meeting I was thinking about the things I have done better.

  • I switched to a lot more FF options in my cooking
  • I’ve started to add more fruits and vegetables to my meals
  • I make better choices than I did when dining out (most of the time)
  • I’ve watched portion sizes and tracked (most of the time)

There are more that I can’t think of off the top of my head, but these little changes are the reason why I lost 31 pounds (then gained back 10 since). When I stopped doing some of the small changes, I gained the 10 pounds back. So really for me, it’s not about cutting out every food group and drinking a gallon of water a day — it’s making small changes that I can stick to as I build on newer habits.

I want to start drinking more water and the entry on It Sux to Be Fat gave me a great starting point — start small. She started out with 4 ounces a day, moved on to 8 and then eventually got to 100 ounces. Sometimes I need those lightbulb moments to get me focused and not so worried about breaking records for myself.


4 thoughts on “Water, water, water

  1. Water is the ONLY thing about this weight loss shit that comes naturally to me. I can drink 150oz a day without even thinking about it. It’s too bad I can’t channel that enthusiasm towards vegetables. eww veggies.

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