June Recap

This month has been a roller coaster! For the past few months, I have been struggling finding the motivation I had over the summer and I feel like it’s just now getting to the point where I am making conscious choices again. We took a small weekend trip to San Francisco at the beginning of the month and there was really an eye-opening experience that I will take with me when I go to NYC in September.

When we travel, we walk everywhere! In NYC, we typically walk about 6 miles or more each day and I always feel like I should come home 20 pounds lighter after a 4-day vacation. This trip to San Francisco was much different than my last big trip somewhere because I had an Active Link tracking my movement. I also tracked what I ate, no matter what food choices I made. As I was tracking both, there was a huge discrepancy in what I was taking in and what I was burning off. In NYC, I felt like my walking was burning off any of the things I ate,  but now I am not so sure know I wasn’t!

I know I could have made better food choices in SF, but I was taking in about 50 points daily and burning off only 4. WHAT?! It was so discouraging to realize that all the walking I was doing, no matter how sore my legs were, didn’t even come close to burning off my food, let alone help me lose weight.

Then I saw this last week:

compete with what you eat

To think I need to run a 1/2 marathon just to burn off some crappy fast food meal I ate is not only outrageous, but I don’t have a daily 1/2 marathon planned just to burn off the junk I eat when I go out for fast food! An eye-opener to say the least. I mean, we all know these things to be true when they are put out in front of us, but I don’t really think of the sheer caloric volume I eat most of the time. I eat average-sized meals, but they are total point and calorie bombs most the of time.

This brings me to some of the good changes June brought to me. I switched over to Simply Filling on Weight Watchers, which really gave me a renewed sense of the program and something fresh to do beside tracking every point (and going over) and getting discouraged. I went shopping and filled up my cart with produce, whole grains like quinoa and wild rice, almond butter, whole wheat crackers, lean protein and Greek yogurt. I am loving the emphasis on clean eating over point values! I think counting points is great, but I want my focus to be on more wholesome foods, rather than a point value at this time.

I also joined the gym, so I am really loving getting to the weights and cardio machines and, of course, the sauna after a nice workout. A couple months ago, I won ‘Look Better Naked‘  from Reduced Fat Girl and included in the book is a six-week menu plan (which fits perfectly with Simply Filling!) and a six-week strength/cardio plan — I am using these two things as a guideline for the rest of the summer!

In July, my goals are to follow the plan and lose some inches! On July 1st, I’ll be posting my measurements so I can easily keep track of them over the next six weeks.

2 thoughts on “June Recap

  1. You forgot to post your measurements 😉 I took my measurements for boot camp, so think I may post those too.
    Good luck for July 🙂 That was an interesting pic of the burger and calories – thanks for sharing x

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