My Anchor

Today, I knew going to the scale was going to be ugly. I wasn’t sure how much gain there was going to be, but I was counting on three or four pounds — the good news is that it was only a 2.6 gain, but now my weight has crept up to 209. 8.

That’s 13.4 pounds more than my lowest weigh-in, which I had back in September. It’s awful, but I am not going to dwell on it. I know exactly how it got there — no water, no gym and fast food. These last few months have been stressful, but I don’t eat stress away. I eat because I get what I want, when I want it and sometimes making changes is too much work. There, I said it.

It’s easier to get Taco Bell rather than make something at home. It’s easier to get up and get dressed to go out for Chronic Tacos. But is it? No, probably not. It’s that my taste buds want something and I give them what they want. I also know that all the chemicals and salt work to make me crave it — and I give in. The hubby’s new work schedule means I have more control over what I eat because I don’t want to go out to eateries by myself. In fact, when I make food at home, it’s freaking delicious.

It’s when I go out that I lose my motivation, my will or my perseverance. Today’s message at Weight Watchers was about finding an anchor. I am a visual person, so I thought of the perfect idea that will work for me:

An inspiration board.

This board will have pictures of healthy women with bodies I want to work for, healthy food that I want to make and an overall positive feeling for my progress. I am going to hang it on my refrigerator where I will see it every day. It’s going to be my anchor when I feel weak.



8 thoughts on “My Anchor

  1. Thanks for the reminder that I want to start an inspiration board, too! I think that’s a great idea. I’ve cut out sayings and pictures from magazines; I just need to paste them on a board! I’m wanting to get back to losing more weight again myself, and I think it will help for inspiration. Pinterest has been helpful, too, in seeing images of people with shapes I aspire to, and for quotes and exercise and ideas, as another poster said.

    Hold on to the fact that your own home-cooked food tastes better than what you can get out. For most things, I think that’s so true!

    I wish you the best!

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