Checking in!

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog. What is there to say when you are making bad food choices and not exercising? Perhaps avoidance is something that’s the problem — I make poor food choices and avoid tracking them, I avoid going to the gym when I am enthralled by the latest drama on Bravo, I avoid going out with friends because I am going in the wrong direction on my weight loss journey.

The good news is I still weigh the same as I have for the past few months, the weight hasn’t gone up. The bad news is I am not feeling good about myself or the choices I am making. My friend Marisol wrote a blog the other day, one that could have basically supplemented my name in and it would be just as accurate about my feelings. Check it out here, A Picture Doesn’t Always Tell the Real Story — it’s real and it’s what many people I know are going through right now.

I’ve already mentioned that my weight has crept up about 10 pounds from my lowest weigh in on this Weight Watchers journey. I just don’t feel good anymore! I was going to the gym, but now it’s been long enough since my last visit that I basically have to start over again with my stamina. My food choices are great when I’m at home — it’s going out to eat 5-6 times a week that’s doing me in, but I just don’t stop.

I quit when I don’t see the progress on the scale. I know I don’t give myself enough time, but it’s really discouraging when people around me lose 2-3 pounds a week and I gain after going to the gym and track everything. I expect results to happen quickly and deep down I know it’s not the case, but it honestly feels like a) I am never going to get my act together or b) I will never see my goal weight.

It’s May 1, which means it’s a chance for me to set a couple goals for myself.

The first thing I want to do is drop the 5-6 pounds I keep holding on to that brings me back into the 200’s — there are 5 weeks this month, so I don’t think I am setting unattainable goals.

Another thing I want to work on is water intake. I don’t drink near enough water and I know it’s an important part of the journey. I have become too reliant on my Diet Dr. Pepper’s, and while I am not going to cut them out of my life I think one a day is okay — not three.

I want to check in more here, if nothing else it holds me accountable!

2 thoughts on “Checking in!

  1. Hey
    Well done for getting back out there and on track, I agree I read Marisol’s post and it was as if I had written it.
    We can do this – good luck 🙂

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