Menu Planning!

Yesterday I mentioned how I am going in the wrong direction with my weight loss. I was feeling down about how I have gotten off track and the lovely Miss Marisol shared her own struggles with us in this post Motivation & Successful People.

She might have well addressed the post to me! The bottom line is, I haven’t been making good choices. I wonder why things aren’t going as well here as they did when I was in Denver — I go out to eat as much now as I did then, but I realize my choices are and were much different. In Denver, I’d go to Wendy’s and have a small chili with garden salad and FF dressing, no croutons. In Long Beach, I have a double double with animal style fries. Hmm. Go figure why I am gaining weight.

In an effort to reverse the engines away from more weight gain, I sat down yesterday to create a small menu of healthy, but great foods, to get me back into the kitchen. I have on the menu:

Skinnytaste — Chicken Fajitas and Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatore

Emily Bites — Lasagna cupcakes

These couple of recipes, in addition to my lunches and breakfasts, will get me back in the kitchen and making portioned, tracked foods. After spending a few days in San Francisco, I am off again on another short trip — this time to Estes Park and Colorado Springs. I will make a conscious effort to limit the “bad” foods, drink iced tea and water and get some activity while I’m there!


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