Hello, 2013!

To be perfectly honest, 2012 has been a complete waste of time in terms of weight loss. I bounced around the same 3-4 pounds for a good 9 months of the year and I’m entering 2013 still not satisfied with how I look.

After the big adjustment to our living situation in the late summer, I’ve spent about 6 months not doing anything productive. Since I basically had to cook for only myself, I started going for the convenience foods in the freezer section at the grocery store, going back to dining out 3-4 times a week and never going to the gym. I guess the silver lining is my weight could have gone up much worse than the 5 pounds I gained back, but even in my worst times I still had the little Weight Watchers messages in the back of my mind.

I’m already trying to start 2013 off strong. I’ve signed up for the Shrinking Jeans New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge so I can kick start my weight loss for the new year.

Shrinking Jeans

The next thing I signed up for was the Couch to 5 K — also with Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. I’ve tried the program once before, and you guessed it, quit! I feel like I’m “too fat” to run, but this time I am just going to go for it. Hubby marked the end of the program in his Google calendar — it’s March something, and that day I plan to be running a 5k on the treadmill at my gym. We had a choice of starting dates, so I chose January 1st. Here’s to my success!

c25k-start-running-01Another challenge I’ve signed up for is the Progress not Perfection Tracking Challenge, run by Weight Off My Shoulders, which only requires that we track everything we eat each day. This challenge could not have come at a better time — I’ve really been struggling with simply writing down what I eat. The fundamental part of Weight Watchers. I’ve been on the challenge going on 4 days and I’ve already seen a 3 pounds drop in my weight since Thursday of last week.

Amazing what a little tracking does, right?

I’n not setting any weight loss number goals this year. That’s lame and it never really works out. Instead, I am setting health-related goals:

  • Make only Weight Watchers meals for the month of January — and beyond! There’s a fabulous app on the iPad called WW Kitchen and there are dozens of delicious, easy recipes. Between that and my three WW cookbooks, this challenge of mine should not be a problem.
  • Complete a challenge. Whether it’s the C25K or something else, I actually want to finish something I start out to do.
  • Run — I don’t want to sign up for any marathons, I just want to go to the gym and be able to run a couple miles a day.
  • Hit 20% lost at Weight Watchers (only 10 pounds to go!)
  • Lose a combined total of 50 pounds on Weight Watchers (only 20 more to go!)
  • Feel confident when I shop for clothes this spring
  • Wear a bathing suit

As I complete each of these things, I’ll cross them off — I am so excited for 2013 it’s not even funny!!!!

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