Words of Wisdom!

I like to “treat” myself to food.

When I had a stressful test at school, I’d tell the hubby, “I need a chili cheese dog from Wienerschnitzel to calm my nerves.”

When I have a great day, I tell the hubby, “Let’s celebrate by going out to eat!”

It’s a pattern. I revolve way too much of my time around food — and in Weight Watchers, we are constantly talking about revolving everything we do around food. We have parties or get-togethers and the first thing we think of is, “what should we make/bring/eat?”


I’ve seen this quote in plenty of places, and no joke — I am trying to follow it. When I do go out to eat, I don’t feel inclined to finish everything on my plate. I either take it home or toss it in the trash. I’m not a trash can, so I shouldn’t just eat it if I’m not hungry.


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