Friend Making Monday!

I’ve done this before, which you can see here — and it was fun! This time, the topic is Christmas, so it will be fun to read everyone’s answers.

Here’s how you do the challenge, which you can find at All The Weigh from the fabulous Kenlie!

Please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section at so we can all see your FMM questions and answers.

Here we go!

Christmas Questions

1. How will you celebrate the holidays this year?  The hubby, dog and I will celebrate alone this year — maybe go see a movie when he gets home from work.

2. What’s the weather currently like where you live? Warm and sunny! After being gone from CA for a few years, it’s strange not to be covered in ice and snow for the holidays — making it a little hard to get into the Christmas spirit!

3. Do you decorate your home for the holidays? If so, share a picture please!  Yes — and Pibb sits in front of the tree every year for the annual picture 🙂


4. What is your favorite Christmas movie?  I think my favorite movie has to be ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, but my favorite cartoon is ‘Mickey’s Christmas Carol’ — those two are a must watch every year for me.

6. Do you have an advent calendar?  Yes! We bought it a couple years ago from Target’s $1 bin, the hubby and I joke it’s the family heirloom.


5. What is your favorite Christmas songs? I don’t think I have a favorite — anything by Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin or Nat King Cole are on my top list.

7. Do you prefer color lights or white lights?  Growing up, we had the traditional colored bulbs and I really like that look for the outside, but inside or on the tree I’m partial to white lights! Super elegant.

8. What is your favorite food to eat over the holidays?  I don’t really make special foods over the holidays, but chocolate and peppermint are always appropriate this time of year 🙂

9. Do you display a live tree, or do you prefer fake trees?  LIVE. The smell and freshness is a must.

10. What would you need to make your holiday perfect this year? Just to be with my dog and hubby and to know that we can pay the bills! Trying to keep it simple.


2 thoughts on “Friend Making Monday!

  1. Your dog is adorable! And the family heirloom is awesome, everyone should have such treasure!

    Your holiday sounds perfect – enjoy!

    stopping in from FMM – Merry Christmas!

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