December 1st!

I’ve been half-doing Weight Watchers, but there have been so many things around me recently that point to me finally getting back on track the way I was six months ago — and I think it’s all starting to come together. The first thing that gave me a little kick in the butt is the Skinny Snowman Challenge, which Brooke from Brooke: Not on a Diet spent time and effort setting up for the rest of us. I signed up for the challenge last weekend and enjoyed earning as many points as I could. My first week is done and I’m down .3 — which is NOT a lot, but if you saw what I ate this week, it’s a miracle I lost weight. Each day has an allotted number of points you can earn for a weekly total — and the winner at the end of the month gets a prize!

The second factor to getting me excited about losing weight is the new Weight Watchers 360. If you have eTools, check out all of the new features online — I think it will really help me stay focused and avoiding disasters on my number 1 issue: dining out.

Another factor in getting back on track is pre-planning a menu for the two hardest parts of my day when it comes to food: breakfast and lunch. For me, it’s a struggle to get breakfast in — usually a diet coke counts as breakfast, but then I am starving by lunch and go beyond my allowed points. That leads to my lunch issue because I don’t know what I want, so that means I go out to eat or I graze. Both of which aren’t good for the scale.

All of these factors have come together at the same time and have me looking forward to seeing consistent losses at the scale. I’ve gone through the pantry and written points plus values on everything, and started to read the strategies set forth by WW360 to help me be more in control of my surroundings!


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