What I Share on This Blog

I missed posting on this topic yesterday for the National Health Blog Post Month, but I want to stay on track so here it is. The topic was about what I choose to share/not share when it comes to my blog. There is only one catch to this — I share a lot to people who don’t know me. Only a few “real” people know about this blog, I don’t talk about it much with people I know because I want to keep it private from friends who don’t know the details of my weight or how I look without Spanx. I guess, to be honest, I am embarrassed with how I look.

I posted pictures when I just started this blog, but decided to take them down. I don’t have a great “after” picture to show off, so when I feel confident about how I look I will be more willing to show the “before”. Since we are being honest, I also tend not to blog when I get off track — though it would probably help me stay on track to blog, especially during harder times. Most of the time, when I am off track, I know why — and I feel like I don’t want to tell everyone else because if I still don’t get on track I have no one to blame but myself.

This blog challenge will help me change that. It will help me be more honest with myself and share everything — the good and bad!




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