3 Things I’m Thankful For

November is a month to give thanks and be grateful for what you have — and in times like this, when much of the news coverage is dedicated to those who lost everything because of Superstorm Sandy, it’s important to be grateful for everything and everyone in your life. I’m doing a similar challenge on Instagram, which is a photo challenge based on things you are grateful for — look up #Gratitude30 to join in on the fun!

Today’s topic for the National Health Blog Post Month is to list three things you’re grateful for. Here’s my list.

  • I’m grateful to have a full pantry and refrigerator, and to know when I will be able to make a shopping list. Just a couple years ago, I was eating ramen noodles until the cupboards were empty and my dear mother was sending what little she had left over to help us buy groceries. 2008-2009 was not good for many people, and even today some are still not much better off. It’s stuff like that that I used to take for granted — not anymore!
  • I’m grateful to have a job. As a freelance writer, I am constantly working to make sure I have enough clients to help pay the bills. Each month I am able to meet my goal — and after just graduating college in May, having a job is a blessing. I’m also grateful the hubby has an amazing job — it has really changed our life around for the best. I am grateful everyday I have a job, I know so many who don’t.
  • I’m grateful the hubby and I are healthy. There are so many news stories or things I read on the Internet where life can change in an instant. Read Taylor Morris‘ story and you’ll be grateful you just have arms and legs. When the hubby was in a car accident a couple summers ago, it really messed me up and scared me — but in the same breath I say thanks to God that all we lost was our car.

Each of these things I am grateful for are things that have touched me in the past. We struggled a little a few years ago — so I know what it’s like to barely scrape by. Now, each of these three items are things I am grateful for beyond much else because I know they can all be gone in a single instant.


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