Trying Something New


My health could really use one of these, but the thought of them really sounds unappetizing  — to the point I haven’t tried a green smoothie. I know they are really good for you and I’ve done my fair share of reading about them. I’ve even checked out a book with 200 recipes from the library.

But I never made them.

I don’t know what it is. I love salads, but the thought of blending up some leafy greens makes me want to gag. I know, people say you can’t even taste the greens — in fact, you’ll taste the delicious fruits or other ingredients instead. But still, I can’t bring myself to even try it. While thinking about what to write for the National Health Blog Post Month’s topic today, green smoothies was the first thing to pop into my mind. Instead of doing without the healthy drinks, I’ll just look for fruit juicing recipes and maybe try to incorporate greens when I feel ready. The silly part of me wishes I could find green smoothies recipes without the greens, but that’s like ordering a cheeseburger and asking them to hold the cheese.



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