My Favorite Thing About Social Media

To continue on with my November goals to improve myself, I came across a 30 Day Blog Challenge for National Health Blog Post Month and decided to go for it — I always need a little help with my blog and this gives me a great start for being more active with non-work related writing.

Today’s topic is about social media and what my favorite thing about it is. I have always found the value in social media, specifically Twitter. News breaks faster on Twitter than it does on any news station, you interact with people from around the globe any minute of the day and it just brings people together. After seeing a friend create an alternate account for Twitter for weight loss and health purposes, I decided to do the same around this time last year.

For the past 18 months I have been doing Weight Watchers — I need to go to meetings for the support, from those going through the same struggles I am and  to seeing those who succeed to know I am on the right path. Unfortunately, one day a week meetings sometimes aren’t enough — and that’s where Twitter comes in. I’ve met some AMAZING people through Twitter, seen some of the most astounding transformations, compared interests and expanded my comfort zone in trying new things or being encouraged to do something I didn’t want to do before. Basically, I have support all day, every day.

I know that any weight loss journey needs to come from within, but the friends I’ve met through Twitter give me a boost when I need it the most!

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