Finding Inspiration in Quotes

This quote must have been written for me. If I could count the number of years I wanted to look great in my clothes, feel healthier and improve my confidence, it would have been about 10 years now. I am notorious for making goals — and I never end up seeing them through. In the past, it was always:

“I’ll start Monday.”

“I already ate this, so why not just keep going and start fresh next week. “

“If I exercise, I will gain weight on the scale and everyone will think I ate badly.”

“I need to be this weight by my birthday (or anniversary, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring, Summer…oh look, it’s almost Halloween!)”

It goes on and on. After I got out of the 200’s, I decided that enough is enough with setting  weight-numbered goals or pretending I can just wait and start fresh next week. Starting fresh starts now — and while I’ve had a few struggles this last month, I am done with setting unreasonable goals for myself. If I start now what I would put off until tomorrow, I wouldn’t be in the endless cycle of always wishing I was more fit or confident.

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