November Goals

My Wednesday weigh-in had me down a pound, but still about 5 pounds from my lowest weight so I still have a way to go. At least the scale is going back in the right direction! It’s been really hard to get back on track, but I had a few light bulbs go off the past couple of days so I decided I was going to go back to what worked, which is to make foods that I can easily count the points or have the point values associated with the recipe. It’s been very hard to figure out points with the recipe builder because I have been using different items or portion amounts — and it was really making things difficult, and I don’t need any more roadblocks at this point.

Yesterday at the Weight Watcher meeting, hubby bought me a new cookbook as an “anniversary” gift for dating so long. I looked through the various books and found that the “Best Darn Food Ever” had the best recipes and the things I was most likely to make. I am really excited to try the recipes and will for sure be sharing them here as I go! Not only are there some great recipes, but many recipes use the same ingredients — which is great for my budget. I can’t wait to go through most of these recipes and alter the seafood recipes, if possible.




October has been a really hard month for me diet wise, between the move and trying to get back into a daily routine. My theme for November is going to be “Back to Basics”! It’s going to be about drinking water everyday, tracking my points and getting in activity each day. I’m going to have my new cookbo0k when planning each dinner and that will really help a lot! I would also like to start checking off my Healthy Guidelines again — all of these things were what got me to lose 30 pounds in the first place, it’s time to kick it up once again!


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