I did it! After 16 months, I finally got into the 100’s — and so far this month, I’ve had a loss every single week totaling 6 pounds and I feel like I am on a roll!!

There were a few things I did differently this week:

  • I made it a challenge not to eat out from Sunday through WW day — I did it! 5 days of eating really good food at home and saving money from not going out to eat.
  • I PLANNED the one day I would dine out — and stuck to that (which was breakfast/lunch that I pre-tracked at Taco Bell), plus I ate less than I usually do at Taco Bell and was FULL.
  • Starting my no-dining out challenge TODAY. I have a great grocery list of delicious meals and treats that I am finding on Pinterest and my favorite food blogs.

This coming week, I have a few new challenges I’d like to continue with or implement:

  • Still refrain from dining out. I’ll be in Los Angeles next weekend, so I know I can enjoy an In-n-Out cheeseburger and Dodger dog without feeling like I did bad all week.
  • Start a workout plan. I’m just going to start slow — I need to keep with it so I don’t want to overdo it and then quit like I always do.
  • Drink 100 ounces of water each day

It might sound silly, but I feel like now that I got out of the 200’s, I can truly focus on my weight loss. When I was over 200, I just felt like I was overweight and if I was anywhere in the 200’s, it was just the same overweight feeling. Even though I am 199, I can see where my efforts have taken me and continue to lose 10 pounds at a time to finally reach my goal — I am more focused than ever and hope to keep doing as well as I am now!


7 thoughts on “Onederland!

  1. First time here- found you via twitter via @missmarisol. ONEderland is an amazing feel good place to be when you’ve been away for a while. Congrats on making it! Now keep up the good work and keep going! 😀

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