Weekly Points

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that my hubby had joined Weight Watchers and I stayed with him during the Getting Started portion of the meeting — and despite the fact that I have been on the program for 15 months, the topic of weekly points kind of clicked for me. I never wanted to use them, but after talking to my leader and getting the support of friends on Twitter, I decided to just use them and track each and every item I ate. I am prone to stop tracking after a certain time, or worse — when I feel guilty about my bad choices.

Last week, I tracked everything. I even went into the negative weekly points and promptly earned enough activity points to wipe the slate clean. It was the TOM as well, so between using all my weekly points and that, I was resigned to seeing a gain on my Friday weigh-in. Well, imagine my surprise when I step on the scale and I was down 2.6. I was really shocked! If I just used the TOM alone, that usually registers as a gain on the scale, so I was really surprised with the results.

Last week, the topic of the meeting was finding the motivation to get back into the ‘honeymoon phase’ of Weight Watchers. Having hubby join has been so awesome for both of us. I have become much more accountable with my tracking, and I find myself making better decisions when I am feeling a weakness for less healthy options.

Today we took a little day trip to Dallas, and we were saving our weekly points for a BBQ lunch. We decided to get a platter and split it to minimize our points and save a few dollars, and we were still both full. We tracked everything together and walked around for a little less than two hours to earn some activity points before having lunch. I am not sure what the scale will bring me this week, but I am feeling much better about being accountable and making smarter choices.

I have been trying to get in my 100 ounces of water each day as part of the Summer Weight Loss Challenge, so hopefully that makes a dent on the scale!


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