Feeling Awesome!

Today is one of those days I feel great. I have been tracking every point, heading to Subway if I want to eat out and getting in daily activity points. It has also been that TOM, and I decided to go the proactive route since I know I get cravings during this time. For the past few months, I get cravings for salt and sugar — which I suppose is normal, but how I dealt with them is not. I gave myself a “free pass” to enjoy too much bacon, chocolates or generally unhealthy things because “those are my TOM cravings, I can’t handle them.”


This time around, I decided, the only reason why I allow myself to have them is A) they are in the house and B) I have no self-control. So, by not even buying my trigger foods, I didn’t have to worry about binging on chips and cookies this time. Needless to say, even WITH the time of month I don’t feel as bloated or as heavy as I usually do — in fact, my brand new Weight Watchers scale is showing a two pound loss since Friday’s weigh in. I hope it stays as nice in the next couple of days.

Another thing I have done differently this week is use my weeklies. I have been such a dope about these extra points, it’s kinda embarrassing to even talk about them. I get 31 daily points, and on those days where I go over, I stop tracking. Nevermind that I get 49 extra points to work with, I just don’t acknowledge them. In my mind, using the extra points means not seeing a loss on the scale, but you know what? Not tracking my points leads to a gain on the scale. Stupid me!! Hubby joined WW on Friday, and when I stayed for the Getting Started meeting,  the topic of weekly points just clicked. I have used my points for a date night dinner — where something else occured. Hubby and I used portion control and tracked before the food even arrived at the table. Extra weekly points have also helped when I have been getting lots of activity this week. Hopefully I start making some great progress, and the hubby has been doing so well and it’s rubbing off on me.

I’d like to leave you with a picture of someone I met on Twitter when joined as @BikiniCountdown. Her name is Mae, or @ReducedFatGirl if you know her on Twitter. She has been such an amazing inspiration to me and countless others on her weight loss journey and dedication. She started her journey in May 2011, and look where she is today!!!!! If that isn’t inspiration to work hard and know you can achieve your goals, I don’t know what is.


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