When I hear people at Weight Watcher’s meetings complain that they have no support for their weight loss journey, I just can’t identify with it. Every single one of my close friends is so supportive of me being on Weight Watchers, and many of them are also on the plan so I know I can write or call any of them (they live in CA) and talk about my success or struggles — we are in it together.

Hubby and I have quite the past of joining Weight Watchers, losing weight and thinking we can maintain it on our own after we lose 10+ pounds. He is so supportive of me, and is always there to talk no matter how many times I repeat the same topic of conversation. We both need to live a healthier lifestyle and drop extra weight, and the other day I had a brilliant idea — he could join again, which would help him reach his goal and help me stay on track.

I already make menu options from Skinnytaste and Weight Watchers, but we really struggle with fast food. Hubby is much better at self-discipline than I am, so doing Weight Watcher together will keep me motivated and focused. I also resolved myself to make this attempt at doing it together a little different than last time.

In the past (and I still struggle with it) I compare my weight loss journey to everyone else’s. When hubby joined the last time, he tracked everything and lost a good deal of weight in the same period of time I was bouncing around the scale. Never mind I didn’t track, ate a ton of food then starved the day before weigh-in… I just felt like  Weight Watchers wasn’t working for me. LAME.

Now, I have started to focus on myself. My journey is different than his, my friends or new friends I make on Twitter. He IS going to lose weight faster than me, he’s a guy! If I follow the plan and get in my activity points, I will see results. This time I am going to cheer him on and celebrate his losses, rather than sulk during the meeting because I didn’t lose any weight.

To kick off my resetting, I stayed after the regular meeting and got a refresher course of the plan, and learned about Power Start once again. Since the last few months have been very bad around the TOM with cravings, I decided that if it wasn’t in the house, I wasn’t going to be tempted. So far, so good. I bought fresh fruit and veggies to enjoy this week, and I hardly consider Skinnytaste recipes being on a “diet”.

My menu plan this week includes (from Skinnytaste):

  • Buffalo Chicken Wraps
  • Sloppy Joes — using turkey, instead of beef
  • Chicken w/ artichoke hearts and feta cheese
  • Cheesy Jalapeno Chicken
  • Carnitas

I mean really, do those options sound like diet foods?! I think not. Skinnytaste is THE best recipe blog for those who want to have great tasting food and stay on track. Love it!


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