Finding my Anchor

The last few weeks have been pretty rough! After finishing a couple of projects with work I had every intention of getting back to the gym and picking up where I left off with the exercise. I don’t know why I let myself get off track, but I did. Last week, I skipped my weigh-in because I just had too much to do, and since I knew I was having company over for the weekend, I didn’t want to weigh-in after possibly going out to eat.

That was my first mistake. Missing meetings is huge for me because I feel like meetings set me up for the next six days to stay on track and do well. Instead, when I miss a meeting, it’s about two weeks of stumbling and losing focus before I get back on track. The second issue was not planning/cooking meals. I didn’t go out to eat very much, but the food I ate at home was not very nutritious or thought-out. This is a major roadblock for me, and I know once I conquer the laziness about preparing meals, it will be much easier. Then, the dreaded cravings and bloating beast hit and I just gave up. I freakin’ bought Easter candy — which is a terrible mistake for someone who has little self-control at the moment.

Tuesday, I went bra shopping. Dang, I saw things I didn’t want to see while standing in the dressing room. It was a real eye opener! Even though this week wasn’t very good, I tried on a pair of jeans in my closet and found that they fit. That was a great feeling, because the last 6-7 years have been about shopping for sizes that get bigger and bigger, not shopping for fun.

I knew that my weight at the meeting wasn’t going to be pretty, but I was honestly not prepared for the 5.4 pound gain I had. I thought it would be three or four, but not five. I looked back in my tracker and saw the last time I weighed what I do now, and it was back in July. I took about five steps backward in my journey, but that is enough for me. The meeting topic was about anchoring, and my leader suggested a variety of anchors — from a gesture to a picture or piece of clothing. I found a great pair of shorts in my closet that I am going to use as a anchor the next time I want to make a poor choice when I have a ‘craving’.

I went onto Skinnytaste and found plenty of healthy, yummy looking recipes to make this week to get back on track. Another way to get back on track? Tracking! What an ingenious idea.

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