WW Weigh-In 2/25

I did a lot of new things this week. I tracked every point I put in my mouth — which is made soooo easy with the Weight Watchers scanner, and I exercised Monday through Friday with an exercise regimen I found on Pinterest. I earned my first #7daychip by completing both of these and I felt great each day knowing I was staying on track. At weigh-in yesterday, I lost 0.4 pounds, but I really want to say I ONLY lost that…it’s honestly not that exciting to lose slightly less than half a pound.

I have a few reflections about this last week:

  • I need to have more fruit in the house. I found myself getting hungry between meals, and I only bought one bunch of bananas last week at the store. This translates to me running out of fruit by Wednesday, and as I exercised and stayed on points I found myself getting hungry and I didn’t want to use meal points to have a snack. This week I bought bananas, celery and cuties to have between meals
  • I did daily exercises. They aren’t fancy or require special equipment, but each day has different exercises targeting certain muscle groups of the body. The list for each day helped me stay focused, on track and kept me realistic. So many times I try to overdo it or make up for lost time, and I become burnt out or sore the next day…only to quit
  • I was prepared for a gain. While I have made progress on WW, I still struggle with the thought of a gain. To me, a gain is bad — no matter what. Whether I am bloated because it’s that time of the month (and I have no control over that) or I ate fast food the entire week and made bad choices, I look at a gain as I did something bad — regardless of what caused it. I knew going in that exercising might put me up a little on the scale, and that scared me.

In the past, the minute I see the gain I quit my exercises and never give it the chance to start toning me up or dropping pounds. I had so much support this week from my Twitter friends, who all said to keep going because it will drop. Knowing they have dealt with it before me helped me feel better!!

I am on track this week and will continue to do my cardio each day and simple strength training exercises with my 2 pound weights. Once I feel that it is no longer a challenge, I will bump up the weight to 5 pounds and go a little longer on the treadmill or elliptical machine.

I joined an awesome challenge yesterday, called Lose W8 in 8  and that will keep me on track with weekly challenges and knowing I could win a prize if I do well enough. There are 30+ people now involved and I am excited to see the changes to my physique and stamina in a short 8 weeks.


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