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The last two weeks have really helped me get back on track in my journey on Weight Watchers. I really looked forward to the support of my weekly meetings, but the one-day-a-week was not enough sometimes to get me through. My friend, Kipp, who writes for My Nibbles and Scribbles, created a Twitter account and blog to track her own journey — and I thought it was a wonderful idea. Now, I have my new blog and Twitter account, and have filled it with inspiring people that help me on a daily basis.

There are some pretty amazing women I follow on Twitter. Their daily victories and struggles keep me motivated and on track each and every day! Many of these women have also completed inspiring goals in just a short period of time — and it helps me strive to do better because I know that if I work hard my goals will be met in a shorter span of time than if I kept on the path I was.

There is a website, which I am sure everyone has heard about, called Pinterest. I love this site, and use it to find many inspirational quotes, exercise plans and Weight Watchers recipes — or just delicious food ideas! If you belong to Pinterest, I would love to add you! Click the icon to be directed to my page so I can follow you back!


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