Fresh Start

This entire week has been about starting fresh with my journey on Weight Watchers. I have been on it since February 2011, and made good, not great, progress because of my lack of exercise. The past couple months I have not dedicated myself 100% to the program. I avoid the scale when I think it’s not going to be very good, I haven’t tracked as much, I don’t get my exercise in — and it has shown. The last two weeks have shown gains, so much so that I’ve added 4 pounds back on.

I usually do that to myself. Sabotage. I was 3 pounds away from a mini goal, one that I have been counting down to pretty much since I started the program. However, like many times before, I get so close and then I stop. I stop with everything! No watching what I eat, no tracking, nothing. Now, instead of moving on and losing those stubborn 3 pounds, I have to lose the 4 I just gained AGAIN before I tackle the remaining 3.

This week, I started this blog, created a new Twitter account and followed lots of fellow Weight Watchers, and I really think it’s helped me. I created a week long goal for myself for the #7daychipprogram: Just track everything I eat. I’m starting out small so I can gradually build on my victories. I am partaking in the #100ouncechallenge so I track my water intake each day. I am more aware of the choices I am making, so I feel that I am heading in the right direction.

I have been battling a cold all week, which makes me want to do nothing but curl up on the couch and drink hot tea, so I am hoping for even more progress once this cold is done bothering me!

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