I was browsing Pinterest the other day when I came across this picture. I read it and thought, 4 weeks for me to notice an improvement? Awesome. Only 8 weeks for others to notice the positive changes? Great! 12 weeks to look and feel better? That’s it? That is less time to go than my graduation.

Then I read the last sentence: Don’t Quit. You know what? I have always quit in the past. I never get to the point where I see a difference, then complain that exercising never makes a difference. Now that I am surrounded by plenty of fellow Weight Watchers I see what sticking to exercise can do for you. I mean, obviously exercise helps you lose weight, but I never stick to it long enough. I overdo the first couple of days, and then stop going because I am so out of shape and exhausted, or sore.

I’ll be honest. I could find a million things to do beside exercise, but I have heard from almost every person I have talked to (including WW leaders) that you soon grow to love getting active. Since I have never gotten to that point, I simply have to trust that what they say is true. Since I am starting this blog to get honest with myself and start getting healthier, I am going to start heading to the gym starting tomorrow morning.

I’ll take it day by day, not overdo it. Just 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill, since it’s been so cold this week. I’m not going to strive for a certain distance, certain speed or incline. I’m simply going to walk at 3.0 speed for 30 minutes, five days this week. I’ll be checking in here to stay accountable!


4 thoughts on “Quitting

  1. I’m right there with you. The motivation thing, the weight gain, the looking in the mirror and not really liking what you see. I’ll be following you and rooting you on, and you can root the rest of us on too… it’s hard, but I believe we can do it if we can just believe that we’ll achieve the results we’re looking for. My first goal, drink more water and walk at least 1 mile a day to start, rain or shine.

  2. Hey there fellow Weight Watcher. I have found for me that classes like Zumba or Kickbox Cardio (any class really) are more fun and easier to stick to. From experience I can tell you it does get easier 🙂 You can do it!

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